Elestial Smokey Quartz, Unique Piece 11, 6.258kg, 10.5” x 8.25” x 4.75” (With Stand)

Elestial Smokey Quartz, Unique Piece 11, 6.258kg, 10.5” x 8.25” x 4.75” (With Stand)


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Elestial Smokey Quartz, Unique Piece 11, 6.258kg, 10.5” x 8.25” x 4.75” (With Stand)

Elestial Quartz is also known as Skeletal Quartz, or as Alligator or Jacare Quartz (Jacare means “ in Portuguese the language of Brazil; many Elestials come from a series of small mines in the Minas Gerais area).

Elestials are Quartz crystals with many different structural (“skeletal”) features, collected together under this general heading.
Among the most common structural features are layers of additional quartz planes or triangles, sometimes on top of a base quartz crystal. There are clear geometric patterns of either depressions or raised terminations; in other words, the layers of this stone may move up on multiple plane surfaces, or may go down into the stone’s structure like multiple open gateways into the interior (often a series of triangular open gateways nestled one inside another).

Technically the “Skeleton” aspect of this stone arises from the creation of visible cavities in geometric patterns which can make parts of the stone internal structure hollow, like a skeleton with open spaces between the bones.

This “Skeletal” aspect of Elestials emphasizes Formative Forces, the core structure-giving powers which connects to the bones / skeleton of the human body. In a more expansive sense, these structural aspects connect this stone to the root of issues at any level of structure or at any Plane / Subtle Body level, whether physical, emotional etc.

Elestials are created in water rich areas and may contain tiny pockets of water (enhydros). The water aspect increases the flow of energy in these quartz specimens’ (as in the Chinese tradition where water increases the flow of Chi, vital life force). Clay is often incorporated into these stones from the water aspect of their growth.

Elestials are of particular interest because they have unusually strong resonance with the Center which makes them part of the rare category of Stone Adaptogens. Most Quartz do not have this vibrational quality.

Elestials include the rare type of Clear Quartz which is an Adaptogen; in fact to get an adaptogenic form of clear quartz usually requires the use of an Elestial.

One structural reason why Elestials may have unusually high levels of Centering Vibration for Quartz is that the multiple planes formed on top of one another create a version of the “Shifting” design principle taught in the BioGeometry Foundation Training; this is where shapes are stacked on top of each other but are shifted off to one side. This Shifting creates a movement off of one another’s central axis, which create an activation of the Center due to a transcendental axis which then moves through and unites their individual centers. This Shifting design principle thus creates an activation of the Center, manifesting the “BG3” energy quality).

Another way to describe the BioGeometry® Shifting concept to create the BG3 (energy quality of the Center) is through implying a higher dimensional form on a lower dimensional surface. An example of this is what we were taught in schools as children, in the exercise when we drew two squares on top of one another but with one shifted off of the center point of the second square. We then draw lines between the adjacent corners of the two squares, making a 2-D image of a 3-D cube.

Elestials may appear in Clear Quartz (White Band vibration), Smoky Quartz (with added Black band vibration, and often with a Smoky Quartz Elestial attached to a larger Clear Quartz Elestial), Citrine (with added Orange and Yellow Band vibrations), Smoky Citrine (with added Black, Orange and Yellow Band vibrations), Amethyst (added Violet and Ultraviolet vibrations), or Smoky Amethyst (with added Black and Violet / Ultraviolet Band vibrations).

This makes a great range of vibrational characteristics possible with Elestials, with the Centering Vibration combined with one or more of the White, Black, Orange, Yellow, or Violet Bands (other bands may also appear in certain stones).

Some other qualities of Elestials include:
* Resonating with the structural aspects of the human body, especially bone / skeletal structures but also fascia, connective tissue, skin and nerves.
* Connects energy across multiple planes; can act as a doorway between plane levels (especially with the appearance concentric triangular gateway forms on the stone, or concentric rectangular planes stacked on one another).
* This extends to connecting different points in time; esoterically this can be used Shamanically to connect to moments in the past of this lifetime or previous lifetimes, or future moments in time, or most importantly seeing the hidden connections between different points in time within a larger pattern and purposes.
* Connects to multiple levels of consciousness, both within ourselves and with external intelligences on different planes.

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