Rutilated and Tourmalinated Quartz

Quartz can significantly amplify the energy of other materials appearing inside of it.  Quartz is also excellent for holding “programs” or imprinted instructions from the user, and makes it possible to direct the energy of some ‘hard to program’ materials much more effectively.

Rutilated Quartz contains rods of Titanium, which is lustrous and white when pure. Titanium rods (“rutiles”) can appear in quartz in a variety of colors including white, gold, red, silver, and brown. Titanium is not only stronger by weight than Steel, it also is highly compatible with the human immune system – this is why it is used for artificial implants in the body.

Rutilated Quartz is used by some energy healers to greatly strengthen a person’s energy system, to help them adjust to major and minor life changes, and to calm / balance the immune system. Some Taoist healers greatly value Red color Rutiles (strong vital power) or Gold color Rutiles in Quartz (advanced spiritual growth, connection to high spiritual beings & guides.)

Tourmalinated Quartz amplifies the great protection and energetic chelation effects of Black Tourmaline, and the surrounding quartz makes it possible to instruct the Black Tourmaline much more easily and effectively (Black Tourmaline is difficult to “program” for extended periods in its pure form.)