Smoky Quartz

Strengthening the “Jing” Core Life Force

(Caution! Much Smoky Quartz today is irradiated to deepen the black color – test for absence of Vertical Wave of -G before use! All Smoky Quartz we sell is free of artificial treatments.)

Smoky Quartz is an important stone in Daoist Chinese Medicine to strengthen the “Jing” , which is considered the Vital Life Force “Essence” in the body. The Jing is considered to be densest part of the vital life force, it is what creates the dense physical body. It is the source of core vitality, sexual energy, longevity etc.

Specific applications in Daoist Chinese Medicine include:

* Strengthen Kidney Chi in men and women, and to help in cases of impotence, infertility, low libido, sperm issues.
* Harmonizes the use of other vibratory sources (stones, plants etc.) used to consolidate the Jing and to energize the lower abdomen.
* Supports in cases of long-term overwork, fatigue, exhaustion.
* Considered in Daoist Chinese Medicine to counteract “Damp-Heat”, so in Chinese thought it is used to support in cases of fungal infections, toxicity from pharmaceutical drugs, etc.
* Supports during major life transitions.
* Use to massage and break up adhesions in the joints.
* Classical lore states that aspiring parents who drink a smoky quartz elixir before sex will have a very intelligent child.
* Smoky Quartz is believed to work more the lower body regions, whereas its fellow Quartz members Amethyst and Rose Quartz tend to work more on upper body areas.

In modern esoteric Feng Shui and energy balancing work, Smoky Quartz is the premier type of Quartz crystal for absorbing toxic vibrations. It receives its brown to black coloration from exposure to natural radiation; energetically this gives it a tremendous capacity to absorb toxic energies.
Marcel Vogel considered it to be particularly suited for dealing with radiation (both electromagnetic and ionizing/nuclear), which could be said to be its speciality.

Like most members of the quartz family, Smoky Quartz holds instructions from the user very well.

Some Daoist Chinese Medicine sources describe combining Smoky Quartz with the following stones for specific experimental purposes:

* CALCITE to help clear “empty heat” associated with Menopause (and with Green Calcite for support in cases of Osteoporosis).
* CHRYSOPRASE for addressing fungal issues.
* TOPAZ for support when constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation is causing neurological signs and symptoms. (CAUTION! Much Topaz is today irradiated to 31 deepen or change its color – test for absence of Vertical Wave of -G before purchasing or using!)
* CHAROITE to support regenerating tissue.
* SELENITE to support flushing out dead tissue. We have recently added both low-cost as well as high-quality Smoky Quartz pendants (all natural and untreated) to our website, so this important stone can easily be worn for an extended period on the body.