<h3 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>TOPAZ: HARMONIZING ALCHEMICAL PROCESSES</strong></h3>
Topaz is a stone used throughout human recorded history for profound applications. It appeared in the Fourth Row of the Breastplate of Aaron (worn by the High Priest of the Temple of Solomon when entering into the Holy of Holies), and was also one of the twelve stones described by St. John as the foundation of the New Jerusalem.

The BOA term for this in the original Hebrew of the text <em>Exodus</em> is Tarsis, and in the Greek <em>Septuagint</em> the term used is Chrysolithos. Some modern texts translate this as the modern stone name Chrysolite, however that term was not used in the Ancient world; instead the term Chrysolithos in classical times referred to Topaz. There is much support for this stone being Golden, so this would refer to Golden Topaz, which today is also called Imperial Topaz.

<strong>We have recently acquired very high quality, all natural Golden (Imperial) Topaz from the Himalayas. These pieces have excellent structure and color.</strong>
A huge amount of colored Topaz on the market today is heavily artificially treated with radiation and/or heating, making it unusable for vibrational applications. Our Topaz is of course completely untreated.

<strong>* Topaz is one of the three types of Harmonizer stones which are used in modern DCM to balance a stone elixir; the other two are Quartz and Herkimer Diamond.</strong>
Topaz enhances stone combinations and is thought in Daoist Chinese Medicine to relax the Liver for the formula to be assimilated more easily; it also helps to protect from adverse effects from other stones in the combination. Used in DCM to help protect against heavy metals from other stones in a formula.

<strong>* Topaz is considered in DCM to be the best harmonizing stone to use with nontoxic alchemical stones.</strong>
Topaz clears Heat and Wind to help manage the changes that come with transformation. It has the density of stone, and yet in its shine and gaseous origin, it is immaterial. These two diametrically opposed qualities help give topaz its harmonizing effect.

<strong>* In the completion stage of internal alchemy, the practitioner “reconstitutes” as a transformed human being. At this stage, topaz consolidates the Shen, promoting a deeper level of vitality.</strong>

<strong>* Topaz helps activate the Chong Mai</strong>, the first of the 8 Extraordinary Organs; this is the critical central column of energy in the human body, the first energy movement in a human being’s “Blueprint of Destiny”.

* Used in DCM to help clear heat in the Liver, Heart, and Stomach.

<strong>* Topaz is an important stone in DCM for neurological or psychological issues,</strong> especially those which would be considered “Liver Fire consuming Blood”. It extinguishes Wind, which is considered to manifest as pathologies that travel through the body.

* Used in DCM for support of neurological issues from stress, including mood swings, irritability, convulsions, seizures, mania, ADHD, self-inflicted wounds and cutting, suicidal tendencies, excessive worry about failures or negative life conditions, nervous breakdown, exhaustion, insomnia, and serious physical issues with neurological breakdown. . * For Spleen Deficiency, Imperial Topaz is placed on the navel.

<strong>* To regulate Chi and clear heat, place Imperial Topaz on the center of the Chest.</strong>

* In DCM Topaz is used to help deal with what it termed “Liver invading Spleen and Stomach”, which is understood in DCM to manifest as issues such as digestive issues and severe internal gas, emotional eating disorders, childhood malnutrition.

* Used in DCM for menopausal irritability, depression, and hot flashes.

* In DCM Topaz has been combined with Smoky Quartz for bodily accretions created by electro-magnetic radiation. It has been combined with Green Fluorite to induce Latency to stop some serious issues from spreading elsewhere in the body. It has been combined with Jasper, Carnelian, or Agate to help regenerate tissue.

* One reason Golden Topaz is called Imperial Topaz is that it was said in China to help a person pass unnoticed; the Emperor would wear Imperial Topaz on his hat to allow him to be walk amongst the public and not be noticed.  The term Imperial Topaz is also said to be traced to its use in more recent times by the Russian royal family.

* Imperial Topaz adds Iron to the stone. It helps keep all the stones in a formula to stay focused on the goal, and helps individuals to fully commit to endeavors.

* Topaz is used with Sapphire to regulate the Liver and assist in Detox formulas.