Iron Quartz Adaptogenic Stones

The Crystal “Adaptogen” which is essential for Recharging and Grounding is Iron Rose Quartz.  Other names for this stone include Hematoid Rose Quartz or Sacred Heart Rose Quartz.

This is a very special stone from Madagascar, with a natural alchemical combination of Iron (Hematite) within a matrix of Rose Quartz.  The result is something far beyond either of its separate components.  Iron Rose Quartz not only is in the rare category of a Stone Adaptogen (with unusually strong Centering Vibration) it has qualities which make it one of the most useful stones in the world of holistic healing.

For more information on this stone see our free online article The Crystal “Adaptogen” for Recharging and Grounding 

Note that this is a different stone from Hematoid Quartz, which has a red appearance of Iron in Clear Quartz but is not in a Rose Quartz Matrix.  In some (but not all) cases Hematoid Quartz may have strong enough Centering Vibration to act like an Adaptogen, however specific stones must be directly vibrationally tested to know for sure.

Please be aware that true Iron Rose Quartz with strong Centering Vibrations (adaptogenic quality) is becoming very hard to find today, because the vast majority of this stone is now being HEAT-TREATED to increase its bright red color and market value.  Tragically this can eliminate its adaptogenic qualities and leave toxic vibrational imprints in the stone.

PurCrystal tests all of its Iron Rose Quartz to ensure it has its full true vibrational potency; unfortunately we are having difficulty finding untreated pieces on the market today, so what we do find usually sells out very quickly when we are able to get it into stock.