Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper’s vibrational powers are described in our Online Training How to Use Crystals and Gemstones.

A few key features of this remarkable natural stone:

  • It comes from remote ocean-side deposits on the island of Madagascar, which has very ancient land energies.  The best quality deposit, in our opinion, was a very small site in Moravato, Madagascar which is no longer producing any stones; it had the best range of vivid colors and energetics.  Most of the Ocean Jasper we sell is from the last supply of this now defunct deposit.
  • It is a rare Crystal Adaptogen, with very strong Centering Vibration – – an energy quality explained, and methods taught to test for oneself, in the Vesica Institute online training Vibrational Testing & Healing.
  • Ocean Jasper is densely packed with natural quartz-based mineral spheres.  These Spheres act like a subtle energy battery,  holding stable and continually energizing / recharging the energy & information the user imprints into them(“programming.”)  This stone is optimal for for all types of Manifestation work due to this power; they should be imprinted by the user with the highest quality energy projections and conscious intentions to act as a powerful anchor for these to manifest.

There are multiple forms of this stone, which have different applications:

  • Spheres are optimal for projecting the energy in an even balanced form in all direction
  • Standing pieces range from very small to quite large, with larger pieces of good quality becoming increasingly rare.  These act as anchors for the intent you project into them, like little elemental mountains with the programmed orbs within them
  • Polished Slices (large or small) make excellent Vibrational Bases, to add their energies (and whatever you have imprinted put into the stone) into other items you place on top of them:
  • Other Stones (especially straight standing pillar stones like clear quartz, or crystal spheres radiating into a space evenly in all directions) – A Witness of a person or place – Items to receive the vibration like water, or supplements
  • Pendants worn on the body bring the energy of the orbs into the human energy field.  The strong Centering Vibration provides a background balancing effect for the entire field, and the additional vibrations bring in an energizing effect.  The pendant can either be charged and instructed for a beneficial purpose which one wants to manifest, or simply worn for the refreshing effect of its energy.  Be sure to clear it on a regular basis, as with all jewelry.
  • Rough Pieces (unpolished) make visible the interior Orbs; having the Orbs present on the outside of the stone allows them to radiate their power into a space more directly.  Rough pieces also have the benefit of being less expensive, allowing you to have a larger piece — with more orbs, and more potential power based on larger mass of the stone — at less cost than the polished pieces.