The Lithium in Lepidolite can be seen in its purple color; Lithium often reveals itself in stones through purple or pink hues. The darker purple the color, then in many cases the more Lithium in the stone. Lepidolite can be worn, placed on the body, or used as elixir. We highly recommend having a Lepidolite pendant on hand for oneself to wear in times of stress, and extras to give to friends in need; we often give them as birthday or holiday gifts. They are quite inexpensive and useful for balancing stress of all kinds.
One stone teacher we know called Lepidolite the “Oh Shit stone”, because stresses in one’s life that would make you go “Oh Shit!” are a sign that it is time to use Lepidolite!

As mentioned, this stone is recognized in DSM as a prime Shen tonic. The name of this stone in Chinese is “that which lifts up heaviness stone.” Used in DSM to help with feelings of depression and/or heaviness; Lepidolite lightens and lifts in a profound way.

Lepidolite comes in several forms, some of which include easily recognized flaky layers of Mica. This is a benefit for the use of Lepidolite as a Shen Tonic: Mica is soft and acts as an energetic buffer, creating effects at a pace that a person can handle without discomfort.

Lepidolite Mica thin slab pieces are our favorite form for making elixirs because of this excellent buffering effect; we of course make our elixirs through the indirect multiple Quartz Cylinder methods described earlier. We know of DSM Chinese Medicine Doctors who routinely give their patients an elixir of Lepidolite water when they arrive at the clinic.

One practitioner described that you can either spend the first twenty minutes of a one hour session listening to the client vent and ramble before they settle down enough to talk about why they came in, or they can be given the Lepidolite elixir and they will calm right down and the session can begin immediately!

Another interesting insight into Lepidolite: it has been mentioned by Jeffrey Yuen in DSM as one possibility to use to help open the Chong energy channel (connected to the Central Column of energy in the centerline of the human body); this can help balance all the chakras through that method.