Jade All Natural : Purple, Green, and Ghost

Jade has been known and revered for more than 7,000 years.
In the Chinese Daoist tradition, Jade is said to be the stone that has attained of the highest state of Alchemical perfection or completion; all other stones are trying to evolve into Jade.

Jade is meant to awaken higher spiritual awareness in human beings, to strive towards the highest levels of self-cultivation, to become an Immortal.  Its focus is spiritual rather than on gross health concerns; at the same time, Jade is the archetypal stone of longevity.

Green Jade is the best known color of Jade; specimens with optimal color and translucence can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in Asia.  Unfortunately, there are a wide range of artificial treatments applied to Jade today, and much of what is called “Jade” on the market today is not Jade at all, but inferior stones being sold as Jade or as “Water Jade”, “Helu Jade”, etc.

PurCrystal only carries true Jade, which technically comes in two forms, Nephrite or Jadeite. Most of our Jade is Nephrite, with our Purple Jade being Jadeite — the more expensive and prized form of Jade.

A variant of Green Jade is “Ghost Jade”, which is a true Jade that comes from only one mine in the world.  It has a shimmering light on its surface that is unique amongst all Jades, a reflectivity created by its slower than usual alchemical forming process in the Earth.  Ghost Jade appears to activate some very deep spiritual processes and perceptions in people who are drawn to it.  We purchase Ghost Jade direct from the miner, who hires disabled veterans to craft the Ghost Jade into beautiful pendants.  We love the stone, and we feel it is important to us to support the veterans who craft the pendants.

One of the rarest, and most beautiful, forms of Jade is Purple Jade, also known as Lavender Jade.  This stone was esteemed by Daoists as the most spiritual of all the Jades; Purple Jade is the stone of the Spiritual Adept, the Sage, the Immortal.  We have found that wearing or placing  Purple Jade on the body, or consuming elixirs, helps to focus a person’s energy and consciousness to a higher level of awareness and inner stability.  It is one of our favorite stones, however it tends to be hard to find and expensive.

We carry true Purple Jade from a now empty deposit in the Bursa region of Turkey.  We find it has excellent vibrational effects, for a very reasonable price; however supplies of it are limited.