PHENAKITE: The Crystallization of Divine White Light

In Vibrational Spectrum analysis, Phenakite has very strong White Band vibration at the Divine Level; this resonance on the Divine Plane also gives it Centering Vibration, so that it is a major Crystal Adaptogen.

With the combined Divine White Light and Centering Vibration, Phenakite is a key activator of human energy centers.
It can be placed on any ener gy center of a person’s body to activate, energize and harmonize that center at a very high level.

Phenakite also acts as an activator and intensifier of the corrective effects of other stones as well; often the optimal effects when using it for correcting specific vibrational disturbances usually come in combination with other stones which are optimal for this correction.

Relatively clean and clear Phenakite is expensive and hard to find today; we are fortunate to have stocked pieces from multiple countries around the world, both in rough form and in faceted gemstone form.
We have also collected high quality Phenakite small pieces into Boro-Silicate vials, for making elixirs and using on the body.

For example, when we tested the correction of a key aspect of the human Emotional Body (where we construct our sense of self on the Emotional Plane) in various persons, it was found that Phenakite greatly strengthened the profound corrective effects of:
* Sugilite
* Lemon-Lime Citrine combined with Lemon-Lime Smoky Citrine
* Moroccan “Sunburst” Amethyst
* Iron Rose Quartz
* Euphoralite pairs (Gold Lepidolite with Red Dragon, or Purple Lepidolite with Blue Tourmaline stone like Snowball or High Voltage)

Phenakite is a Beryl, ie one of the class of stones containing the element Beryllium. As described in the “Aquamarine, Emerald & Morganite” free article on our website, Beryls are very important stones which are used at all three stages of a Daoist Internal Alchemy process. They provide stability to the energy system, keep the Jing (Life Essence) collected and strong in the body, and have powerful hyperdimensional aspects.

Unlike the better known Beryls such as Aquamarine, Emerald and Morganite, Phenakite is a pure Beryllium Silicate, with no aluminum. This contributes to its unique vibratory powers which make it very distinct from the other Beryls.

As described in the “Rosicrucian Potentized Mineral Elixirs” free article on our website,, we have created for the first time a Homeopathically Potentized Elixir (using the Rudolf Steiner / Anthroposophical Medicine method) of Phenakite.
This liquid elixir form of Phenakite is very energetically powerful, and well worth experimenting with alongside the use of physical Phenakite crystals.