Amazonite is one of the most forgiving stones in DSM, it is a stone used when the cause of a condition is unclear. Sometime called by DSM practitioners the “Rescue Remedy” of stones.

* DCM master teacher Jeffrey Yuen says that Amazonite is a stone that you can use when you don’t know what to do to help a person. Amazonite is also a good stone for beginners because as mentioned it is a very forgiving stone. • Recommended in modern DSM for help with the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and microwaves. However, in our vibrational testing we have not observed that it works to transmute the toxicity from these sources the way that Indigo Gabbro does; instead, it appears to work on calming the inflammation of the nervous system when used.
* Promotes new beginnings.
* It addresses both physical and mental-emotional issues.
• Regulates Qi and is anti-inflammatory.
• It is generally moving and clearing for stagnation, and it addresses Chi, Blood, and Jing.
• At the level of Chi, it supports the dissemination of Fluids in the body
• At the level of Flesh (Blood/Ying), it is believed in DSM to supports the integrity of the Sinews to address conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, pain, or general flaccidity.
• At the deepest Source/Yuan level, it supports the structure of Bone.
• Used to support the channels of elimination for urination and defecation, detoxifying.
• Used to helps with cramping, abdominal distention, flatulence, bloating, fullness; eating disorders due to stress.
*Assists with physical aches and pains. Used in DSM for diabetic neuropathy; they rub the cuticles of the toes with amazonite nightly for neuropathy. Also used to help with tremors, convulsions, Parkinson’s disease, glandular swellings, tumors.
• Used to help Poor vision, inability to smell. Allergies due to changing weather.
• Helps with anxiety, palpitations; headaches due to emotional stress; violent or angry outbursts.
• Used to help counteract effects of drinking fluoridated water in DSM.
• Assists with Sinew issues, such as torn meniscus; and bone issues, such as tooth decay or osteoporosis.
• Used to strengthen willpower and the determination to overcome the obstacles of life; to release the fear that keeps a person frozen or stuck in life; to empower persons who feel victimized; for helping shift a person with a martyr complex.
• Promotes clarity in meditation.
*Wear an Amazonite pendant at the center of the chest (acupuncture point CV-17) to regulate Qi.
• Wear a bracelet to stimulate the inner wrist and forearm/ PC-6, or hold to stimulate the center of the palm/PC-8, for restlessness and irritability.
• Place under the pillow to promote sleep and calm the Shen. Promotes dreams that give images of the future.
• There can be lead content in Amazonite, as well as aluminum, so indirect methods of making stone elixirs are best. • Amazonite elixir (made with an indirect method) is sometimes used to clear Heat from the Stomach, Bladder, and Large Intestine.