Basalt Bowls


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Basalt Bowls

Stones vary in size, shape, color, and consistency from piece to piece.

We were fortunate to find a small number of exquisite bowls crafted out of solid Basalt. Basalt is a very powerful Paramagnetic stone, which has been used by holistic energy researchers for everything from restoring the deep power in the human energy field when it is depleted, to enhancing plant growth when applied to soil, to protecting large areas of land from toxic radiations.

We recommend reading the book “Paramagnetism” by Phil Callahan for more insights into the Paramagnetic powers of Basalt, as well as the book “The Enlivened Rock Powders” by Harvey Lisle. Basalt was also the primary element used by Maria Felsenreich and Gernot Graefe to protect the forests in Central Europe from the radiation coming from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in the 1980’s, although information on their work is hard to find today.

Basalt’s Paramagnetic power comes from its Volcanic origins under the surface of the earth, which from the tremendous heat also makes it a very hard stone. It is found over the entire planet, including under the ocean.

In Daoist Stone Medicine (DSM) this stone is believed to help us manage external challenges in both our life and in a wide range of conditions, such as allergies, chronic skin conditions and even our susceptibility to catch a cold or flu.

Basalt can be used in a wide variety of energetic applications. It can be worn on the body, or when other stones or substances (supplements etc.) are placed on it (or inside a Basalt Bowl) they become energetically recharged and activated by the Paramagnetic charge. It is ground into powder and added to soil for agricultural purposes.

Basalt is closely related to Gabbro, another volcanic stone with Paramagnetic energy. See our listings on the remarkable Indigo Gabbro stone from Madagascar, which is the premier stone for transmuting detrimental energies to beneficial, including using it experimentally to transmute the energy quality of Electro-Magnetic fields, Earth Energy lines (Geopathic lines), etc.

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