Red Amethyst

There are two main types of Amethyst which have the Red Band added to it, usually with obvious red coloration at the surface:

1. Those with a surface coating of red iron; this is the vast majority of Red Amethyst, including what is called on the market today “Super Seven” (a misnomer because it was found later that this stone did not have 7 total minerals inside it) and the very nice Red Amethyst from Thunder Bay, Canada.

2. Those with red iron integrated more deeply throughout the Amethyst’s internal matrix. This is quite rare, mainly found in some stones from the area around Tahrbalt, Morrocco. This rare stone formed from Hematite which liquified into a red slurry, and was then integrated into the growth process of Amethyst.

This created a highly unusual blend of liquid red hematite deeply bonded with the core structure of an Amethyst crystal, in a completely different alchemy than the way than Iron normally creates the purple coloration of Amethyst. This stone never found a standard name for it before the supply of it ran out. We have heard it is no longer in production, and all of the Moroccan dealers who carried it a few years ago no longer had any stock in our recent discussions with them.

The Vesica Institute bought the remaining stock of one of the major American importers of this stone, to make available to our students because of its highly beneficial and unique qualities.

We call it simply Moroccan Red Amethyst.

IMPORTANT: There is a fairly large supply of simple red quartz from Morocco, which is Clear Quartz (not Amethyst) with red hematite additions. It tests as having primarily the Red band of Vibration. Although a useful stone in its own right, it does not carry the unique powers of the Red Amethyst, which is a powerful alchemical blend of the Red and Violet bands which creates tremendous vitalization of the human energy system.

Note that in the Pranic Healing system from the Philippines, they do not use Bio-Energy projections of Red and Violet energy together because if not done with great care then the Violet energy will amplify the Red energy to possibly explosive levels.

In this case, nature has provided an exquisite alchemical blend of the two energies, perfectly united to create profound vital energy.

This stone is extremely energizing at a core level.

From perspective of advanced Spiritual Science, it combines the Spiritual Protection and Blood Energizing of Archangel Michael with the Etheric Revitalization Power of the Violet Band from Archangel Raphael. [Note this is based on advanced European Rosicrucian and Greek Hermetic Christian teachings which are discussed in our Vesica Spiritual Science courses.]

Some pieces of Red Amethyst, when broken open to see the interior past the opaque outer crust of the stone, reveals that inside it has a remarkable transparent gem-quality stone of Red-Violet alchemy inside; demonstrating a spiritualized alchemical perfection hidden within the rough outer appearance.