Hematite Heart Pendant

Hematite Heart Pendant


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Color / features:
Metallic gray black, brown, or dull to bright red
Usually in grainy or bulbous masses but can sometimes appear as blocky, platy, or tabular crystals
Highly charged due to its iron content and is easily magnetized
Absorbs the nature of an illness

Worn on the body, placed on key energy centers during treatments, used in massage, given as an elixir, placed in the living environment

Important stone for working on the blood, supports the ability to protect and heal one’s self from the wounds of the world, breaks up Qi and blood stagnation, grounding, balance and stabilize the energetic field

Five Elements Affinity:

Organ / Body Affinity:
Lung, Heart

Meridian Affinity:
Conception Vessel/Ren Mai

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry:

Chemical Composition:
Iron oxide
Usually pure but can contain minor inclusions of titanium, aluminum, or manganese.

Level of Formation / Strata and Effect:

Will rust when used in an elixir
Do not combine hematite with stones high in phosphorus
Consistent wearing of hematite jewelry is generally appropriate only for the very young and for mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy

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