Dodecahedron Pendant Brazil

Dodecahedron Pendant Brazil


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In the ancient Greek Pythagorean tradition (based on information they obtained from Egyptian priests) they described how 5 Key Sacred Geometry Forms create the world. Four of these forms were described publicly (the ones connected to the four elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire), but the 5th creation form was kept secret.

This 5th form was the Dodecahedron: a perfect 12-sided form, with each face being a perfect five-sided Pentagon.

The Dodecahedron is the form for Ether, the dynamic life force behind all four natural elements; it is the core vital power which animates all physical beings and matter.

We recently were able to obtain good quality small Dodecahedron Pendants made in Brazil, from three different stones:

* Clear Quartz

* Amethyst

* Smoky Quartz

These stones are completely clear of all artificial treatments (unfortunately both Amethyst and Smoky Quartz are commonly heated or irradiated today), and the cutting of the Dodecahedral shapes are better than what we have found from some Asian sources.

These pendants are excellent for experiencing (or vibrationally testing) these effects of this Dodecahedron “Ether” form (& the stone it is made of) on a person’s energy field and consciousness, either worn or placed on the body during a session. (Note: effects may be profound of placing this form on major energy centers of the body).

We are also experimenting with using these to make indirect stone elixirs, using the Quartz Cylinders method described elsewhere in this document.

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Amethyst, Quartz Clear, Quartz Smoky