Phenakite Pentas, True Botanica

Phenakite Pentas, True Botanica


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* Phenakite Pentas: Phenakite is a very special form of Beryl stone, as described in the “Phenakite” section of this document. It is revealed by energetic testing to hold a special vibratory power, of the White Band of the spectrum (White Light) at the Divine Plane level.

This Rosicrucian potentized elixir of Phenakite Pentas activates deeper aspects of this Phenakite power

Color / features:
White, yellow, pink to rose, brown, red, and colorless

Facilitates deep meditation; excellent for healing; stone for gathering healing energies from other stones and facilitating the effectiveness of healing; produces an expedient, cleansing, and activating effect for any chakra; provides purification to the total body structure, energy centers, and energy pathways

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry:
Granular aggregates
Radial fibrous spherical structures
Rhombohedral crystals
Prismatic slender wands

Chemical Composition:

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