Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz red color represents Fire. There are many shades of red, including the pink of Rose Quartz which has a strong affinity with the Heart.
Samples of Rose Quartz we have tested have very little centering vibration. It has strong beneficial vibrations in the Red band (softly activating heart energy) and in Negative Green (Carrier Wave of Energy).

In Daoist stone medicine teaching crystals especially Rose Quartz, will pick up and magnify electromagnetic radiation from appliances. These vibrations will be picked up and remain in the stone until it is cleansed.

Rose quartz is a tough and durable stone while at the same time its pink color is soft and gentle. This is helpful in times when we need to open our hearts and be softer and gentler while still being strong on the outside. In Daoist stone medicine Rose quartz can be used for, low blood pressure, poor circulation, insomnia, infertility, congested sinuses in the physical. While Rose quarts emotional use can include soothing sadness and grief, managing fear. And it is even used intentionally for creativity, relationship and