Quartz Cylinders For Indirect Elixirs

QUARTZ CYLINDERS: The Best Indirect Elixir Creation Method

1. Comparing Types of Holding Vessels

Vibrational Testing at PurCrystal has shown that one of the best Indirect Methods for vibrationally transferring the information from a stone into water (ie, creating a stone elixir) is to put the stone(s) into a cylinder or test tube, and then put container that into the water so that the stone is not in direct contact with the water.

We actually prefer to make indirect elixirs (no contact of the stone directly with the water) rather than direct elixirs (placing the stone in the water) for a variety of reasons. These include possible toxic elements in the physical stone, shedding of rough stones into the water, effect of the water on iron or other elements (including soft water-soluble minerals) in the stone, etc.

Our testing shows how different types of holding vessels affect the quality of the resulting indirect mineral elixir:

Glass Cylinders or Test Tubes – Glass is the least effective for transferring the vibration, and also very fragile for holding stones.
Pyrex Cylinders or Test Tubes – acceptable level of effectiveness for transferring the Vibration. Pyrex is borosilicate.
Quartz Cylinders or Test Tubes – by far the most effective method for transferring the Vibration; it not only does not reduce the spectrum of vibrations it transmits, it actually amplifies them. Quartz test tubes are used in science for numerous reasons, including their ability to transfer information in frequencies which would be cut off by glass or pyrex.

2. Most Effective Technique: Multiple Quartz Containers Method
The most effective method we have found in years of research, is to use 2 or 3 Quartz containers, in increasing order of size.

This is not only the most powerful indirect elixir (ie, stone does not come into contact with the water) method we have found, it is also more powerful than even a direct elixir where the stone is placed directly in water.

This is because the quartz acts as an amplifier for the stone’s vibrational information transfer into the water.

Quartz Cylinders developed for scientific work are used for this method. Quartz is used in scientific circles because it allows the passage of specific wavelengths and information which is stopped by glass or Pyrex.
In this method, the smaller cylinder is used to hold the stones to make the elixir.

The larger cylinder is filled with clean water, and the smaller cylinder containing the stones is placed in the center of it.

If a third cylinder is used, it is of a size between the smaller and larger and the smaller cylinder is placed inside of it, then both the smaller and medium sized cylinders are placed inside of the large cylinder, to increase the quartz amplification power even further.
The water level must of course in the larger containers be below the top of the smaller cylinder, so that the water does not enter into the smaller cylinder and touch the stones.

By having the stones in a Quartz receptacle, and also the water being infused in a larger Quartz receptacle, the amplification effects of the two or three layers of Quartz creates a very powerful elixir which holds the full spectrum of vibratory information from the stones.

NOTE: Other items can also be placed in inner Quartz receptacle(s), either by themselves or with stones, to create a vibrational elixir of these other items. This may include herbs, essential oils, colloidal silver or gold, etc.

Optional Addition: Project White / Clear Vibration BioEnergy from your hand, onto the crystal in the water. This will greatly increase the rate and intensity of the stone’s infusion into the water. Hold your hand above the open top of the container, so the BioEnergy projection goes straight into the water and not through sides of the container (although with quartz receptacles specifically, it does work to project through the sides of the container).