Create a Sun Crystal Grid

One of the greatest vibrational sciences of the ancients was creating Stone Circles and Grids around Power Spots on the Earth.

Quartz-bearing stones (“Menhirs”) were erected directly on Power Spots to amplify their energy. Circles of quartz-bearing stones were constructed around the power spot for further amplification / broadcast power — and to increase the size of the standing wave rising up from the power spot.

In our online training Minerals and Crystals for Times of Stress  we teach in great detail how to construct the “Sun Crystal Grid” which creates strong broadcasts of beneficial energies to reduce toxic vibrational fields in your location, and to help all living beings in the space.

Below are some fundamentals of this Grid, along with links to the “Song of the Sun” image the Grid is constructed on and the types of Quartz Crystals needed to construct the essential outer layers of the Grid.


As a template for the construction of this grid, we have chosen a remarkable vibrational pattern created by Cymatics imaging, which is the making visible of invisible sound waves through their geometric imprints into physical matter. See our online article on Cymatics for more information on this essential vibrational science.

One of the leading figures in Cymatics imaging today is John Stuart Reid in Britain, the inventor of the CymaScope; this is an imaging device which makes direct visual images of vibrational sound patterns, which are then referred to as CymaGlyphs. In our Waves of Health and Illness online conference John presented his latest breakthroughs, including new direct imaging of the vibrational difference between a healthy cell and a cancer cell and much more.

John had created a Cymatics imprint of the vibrational emanation of the Sun itself, which he calls the “Song of the Sun“.

We found this remarkable vibrational image had extremely powerful beneficial energetics. One aspect of this Sun vibrational pattern is that the perimeter of the Sun CymaGlyph manifested as a linked chain of 28 spherical nodal points.

This is significant, because recently BioGeometry founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim had discovered that 28 is a quality of number which carries great resonant power; the hidden power of the number 28 links the periphery and the center together in a remarkable way which generates a strong intensity of the beneficial energy quality of the center, which balances all living systems and which Dr. Karim refers to as the “BG3“.

One way this power of 28 can manifest is through using 28 design items in a group to generate this vibrational wave. (This power is NOT created by just writing the Arabic numerals “28”, just to be clear). The deeper principles behind the power of the number 28 are now taught in the BioGeometry Advanced Training.

The Sun’s vibrational power appeared naturally in the CymaGlyph with a perimeter formed of 28 perfect spheres connected together in a circle which is a remarkable visual revelation of the power of the Sun – and which creates a vibrational pattern that makes an extremely powerful and profound template on which to construct a Quartz Grid that can generate a beneficial energy field over any area.

After I had vibrationally tested this “Song of the Sun” CymaGlyph, I asked John to make this image into a poster which we could use as a template to create a master Crystal Grid upon it.

John agreed, and also offered to update this vibrational pattern with the very latest generation of his imaging technology, which he then did for us in the Autumn of 2020; this created an even more clearly defined and powerful image than before.

After several months of work on this project, John Stuart Reid’s “Song of the Sun” cymaglyph poster is now available from Fine Art 

America, which prints it to order at https://

There are prints and posters of this incredible image available in multiple sizes, all of which are excellent to use as art on the wall to create a beautiful energy in a space.

For using the poster to create the Quartz Grid, choose at the link given above the 16″ X 20“ option; this is what we used to create the grid shown in the video for this new online Crystal course, and for the pictures in this article.

One method John mentioned is to lay the poster on a table and then put a sheet of glass over it to protect the poster, then construct the grid on the glass above the patterns on the poster.

At PurCrystal we construct the Grid right on top of the poster itself, without the glass. We find through our vibrational testing that this makes a more powerful grid than building on the glass. You are of course free to use either method you prefer!

In addition to the Song of the Sun poster available HERE, you will need the supplies below to construct the grid.

For a complete detailed tutorial on how to construct this powerful grid, please see our Minerals and Crystal for Times of Stress course.

Use the Quartz Polished Standing Points in sets of 7 below to construct the outer ring of Standing Stones; you will need 28 Quartz Standing Points total. You can also use our pre-packaged set of 7 tumbled stones.

If you would like to construct a larger / higher outer ring of Standing Quartz Points on your Grid, as in the pictures shown in this article, these are available individually as larger specimens in the Standing Polished Points, Individual listed below.  The largest of these individual Quartz Points are also options to put in the middle of the Sun Grid (or you can use other larger stones of different types).

If you are on a tight budget, we also offer the Clear Quartz Tumbled stones to put 28 on the nodal points of the outer ring of the Sun Grid.  These are less expensive than the polished Quartz Standing Points, however they are not nearly as powerful as using the Standing Points on the perimeter of the Grid.

Also below you will find sets of 28 Thin Natural Quartz Points to use as connecting lines between the center of the Grid and each of the Standing Stones on the Perimeter, as shown in the pictures above. Place the base of each of the 28 crystals on the ring around the Center of the Grid, then point the terminated tip of each thin crystal to point to one of the 28 Standing Stones on the Perimeter.  This creates the connecting line between the Center and each anchor point on the periphery, which greatly strengthens the power of the Grid.