How to Clear Stones: Vibrational Methods

How to Clear Stones: Vibrational Methods robert gilbert 1 Pur Crystalby Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

This article is an excerpt from our Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress online training.

One of the most important fundamentals of working with stones and crystals is that they need to be cleared regularly, because they absorb toxic vibrations from the environment around them; one of the greatest mistakes in the use of stones today is not clearing them often enough, nor deeply enough.

Much of the information you will find in some modern Crystal texts regarding stones being “self-clearing” is simply untrue, as you will find for yourself by learning to test the toxic vibrational emanations from stones.  (The closest thing we have found to a true self-clearing stone in direct vibrational research is Indigo Gabbro, described later in this course, and even it requires physical cleaning and occasionally vibrational clearing.)

For the purposes of our Vibrational Stones work, we will use the term “Cleaning” to refer to physical cleaning / washing of stones to remove surface dust and gunk, and “Clearing” to refer to clearing out detrimental energies which have infused into the stone from the environment. 

Both are necessary, however Cleaning is simple and obvious whereas Clearing requires knowledge of deeper Vibrational methodologies.

In the upcoming section on Artificial Treatments of Stones here in Part 1 of this course, we discuss the vibrational markers left by various common artificial treatments (usually applied to increase the stone’s market value by changing the visible color) that deeply harm the stone and can make it useless for vibrational applications. 

Note that these Artificial Treatment detrimental energy markers are much deeper imprints than are found in stones that have absorbed environmental toxicity from a location; the artificial treatment markers are not easily cleared, whereas the absorbed environmental toxicity is relatively easily cleared if using the correct methods described below.

Vibrational Radiesthesia methods should be used to test that the basic environmental toxicity absorbed by the stone has indeed been removed by the clearing method; this is primarily testing for the Vertical Wave of Negative Green being eliminated from the stone (taught in the Universal Vibrational Spectrum  online training) and testing with Personal Wavelength that the stone once again is strengthening for your energy field instead of weakening the way it was when full of absorbed toxicity (taught in the Personal Wavelength online training.)

The How to Use Crystals and Gemstones online course describes a dozen different clearing methods for stones.  Here are a few to get you started, if you have not studied that course:

*  WATER, preferably running water.  The water should be as clean as possible.  A great benefit of using water is that it both physically cleans the stone (of dust, surface gunk etc.) and vibrationally helps to clear the stone at the same time.

If you are using still water instead of moving water, then you can:

A. Add essential oils which increase the clearing power (see the list of key oils to use, below);

B. Shine the Eco-laser into the water, preferably with the addition of the 144 Vertical Wave Antidote Insert (this is described in more in detail below) or

C. Add pure vodka to the water. 

(Frankincense, Sacred Frankincense, and Vodka all clear using the Orange Band vibration, described in the later section on the Universal Vibrational Spectrum, which is also related to the comments below about vibrational bands in oils).

IMPORTANT!  Do NOT use salt water; some books recommend this, but Marcel Vogel always warned against it, saying it absolutely destroys the vibrational power of high quality crystals.  (Daoist teacher Jeffrey Yuen notes that salt or salt water can in some cases extract the water out of the interior of the crystal, reducing its power permanently). And of course do not immerse water soluble crystals like Selenite for any extended period in water, or they will disintegrate.

* ESSENTIAL OIL SPRAY:  Put the Essential Oil into a Spray Bottle with clean water, add a bit of pure vodka (no added colors or flavors, pure alcohol) to increase the power of the clearing effect and to keep the solution clear if you are going to store it.

Alternatively, these Oils can also be directly applied to the Crystal’s surface, or can be added to Water for a Crystal bath.

Here are a few oils which can be used, and the Vibrational Bands which give them their powers (explained later in Part 1):

How to Clear Stones: Vibrational Methods Sacred Frankincense essential oil Pur CrystalSacred Frankincense – Orange Band Vibration to expel toxic energies; also contains Gold Vibration. Regular Frankincense can also be used; it has the same energies, but less Gold and is not as potent. This is an excellent oil for clearing, which also charges the stone to some extent at the same time due to the Gold Vibration also present in the oil.

Cedarwood Oil – Green and Violet Bands Vibrations to disintegrate toxicity.

Sandalwood Oil – Green Band Vibration to disintegrate toxicity, plus gentle aspects of the Red Band and may have Gold vibration as well. 

This is one of the most important spiritual-vibrational oils, used for over 5,000 years in India.

Lavender Oil – Violet Band to clear toxicity. Lavender is also excellent to use as a main ingredient for energy cleansing sprays.

IMPORTANT: When used on the body Lavender oil can ease symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome!

Hyssop Oil – Violet Band to clear toxicity. With high level energetic / spiritual input

(including prayer) this oil can hold and radiate the Violet Band clearing vibration at  higher spiritual levels (this is the same energy referred to as “Electric Violet” in Pranic Healing) so it is especially good for clearing of the astral, causal and spiritual plane levels.

Hyssop is one of the top 3 most often mentioned essential oils in the Bible, coming in third after Myrrh and Frankincense.

How to Clear Stones: Vibrational Methods eco laser b Pur Crystal* ECO-LASER.  This is a vibrational tool made especially for the Vesica Institute by the Dimensional Design company.

It is the primary tool which we use to keep our stones and crystals clear at the Vesica Institute; literally nothing is faster or easier for this purpose.

This is not an ordinary soft laser (laser pointer); its laser diode has been cleaned and permanently imprinted to project out through the green laser light strong beneficial vibrations of the Center and of all 12 Beneficial (Horizontal) Bands in the Vibrational Spectrum.  It is highly penetrating, and highly effective, clearing in just a moment things which normally take a long time to clear.

Clearing with the Eco-Laser not only clears the Crystal very quickly, it also charges the Crystal with a full spectrum of beneficial energies (the “12 Horizontal Bands” of Vibrational Radiesthesia) and the Centering Vibration.

The Laser is even more effective in clearing toxic energies when a special insert is added to the front of the Laser; this insert is called the 144 Detrimental (“Vertical”) Waves Antidote, which antidotes and clears a complete spectrum of detrimental energies.  That insert comes as a pair, with the other insert having the collected vibrations of the beneficial Bands of the 144 Vibrational Spectrum.  

This Laser and its inserts are specially made for the Vesica Institute, and are not currently available from any other source. 

If living outside of the U.S., check your local laws before ordering.  Although most countries like the U.S. have no restrictions of simple laser pointers, some countries have outlawed them and it is not allowed to import a simple laser pointer into those countries (Australia for example).  Again check your country’s laws before ordering, we will not check before shipping because we do not have full info on the laws of other countries.

Also of course be very careful not to shine the Eco-Laser into any person’s eyes; although just a laser pointer, even soft lasers can harm the eyes.

The main outside detrimental energy imprints which we have found which are not cleared by the Eco-Laser are the radiation imprints in irradiated stones (many stones are artificially irradiated today, for example with Gamma Rays, to change their color to increase their market value, but this is usually not revealed to the consumer and it makes the stone energetically extremely toxic. See the later section in this Part 1 of the course on Artificial Treatments of Stones for more background info.)

As we discovered through years of Vibrational Radiesthesia research, to clear the toxic imprint of irradiation requires the Cymatherapy AMI 750 device.

How to Clear Stones: Vibrational Methods ami 750 5 Pur Crystal* CYMATHERAPY AMI 750.  

This device is the only resource we have found to date which removes the highly toxic (and persistent) vibrational imprint of Radiation from modern stone irradiation treatments. 

Note: Neither this nor anything else can correct the damage to the stone’s structure and energy field from the irradiation treatment, just as you cannot correct the damage to glass after it falls to the floor and shatters; but this device is unique in that it can remove the toxic vibrational imprint, which is of great significance even though the stone does not regain its former powers.

Please be aware that this use of the AMI 750 to clear toxic imprints from stones is NOT an official use of this device, which is sold by its manufacturer and approved for use by the FDA simply for stress and pain relief.

This off-label use of the remarkable AMI 750 device is based purely on research conducted by the Vesica Institute and which we invite you to test for yourself if / when you are trained in Vibrational Radiesthesia.

Simply place the irradiated stone (which will test for very intense Vertical Wave of Negative Green when using Vibrational Radiesthesia) on the center of the device and run the complete Channel 10.  Test the stone afterwards to see that the Vertical Wave of Negative Green imprint is gone.

Note that the presence of the detrimental radiation imprint in the stone, and its clearing after using the method above with the device, may not show up on standard quantitative meters, but can be easily detected through qualitative testing in Vibrational Radiesthesia.

To learn more about the background of the AMI 750 device, see the free articles on with key details on Cymatics and Cymatherapy.

We have done research with the developer of this device, Mandara Cromwell for years; she also gave an excellent illustrated presentation on powerful and little-known sound vibrational healing therapies which you can see in our Waves of Health and Illness online conference.

We personally use this device daily at the Vesica Institute. 

The AMI 750 mentioned here has now been replaced with the new AMI 850, now with 20 precise sound code channels instead of the original 10, and with other new advanced technologies added! For more info or to order, click HERE.  

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