Ocean Jasper 1 Side Polished Piece, 7lb 6oz

Ocean Jasper 1 Side Polished Piece, 7lb 6oz


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Ocean Jasper 1 Side Polished Piece, 7lb 6oz

Shape / Form: Function/ Other characteristics:

Polished slices


Attributes of this stone are based on Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Research.

Color / features:
Shades of green and brown mixed with white and pink
Agglomerate of different types of quartz: light brown chalcedony, dark green ball-
shaped bits of chalcedony and jasper, and white chalcedony, usually with tiny pockets
of quartz crystals
Densely packed with natural quartz-based mineral spheres

Worn on the body, placed on key energy centers during treatments, placed in the living
environment, all around

Crystal adaptogen, strong centering vibration, major relationship to fluid metabolism,
Breaks up accumulation, all around healer

Five Elements Affinity:

Organ / Body Affinity:

Meridian Affinity:
Triple Heater meridian

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry: Trigonal

Mixes with many minerals during its formation, notably sodium, magnesium, and potassium
Chemical Composition: Silicon dioxide SiO2

Level of Formation / Strata and Effect:

Use short-term for relatively acute conditions


Ocean Jasper 1 Side Polished Piece, 7lb 6oz

13″ x 3″ x 6.25″

Ocean agate-jasper has a major relationship to Fluid metabolism. It is the most appropriate agate-jasper for intentional use.

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Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions13.4 × 3.25 × 6.5 in