Iron Rose Quartz Polished Free Form

Iron Rose Quartz Polished Free Form



Color / features:
Clear with pink and red areas

Five Elements Affinity:
Slightly warming

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry:

Chemical Composition:
Silicon dioxide plus iron

Level of Formation / Strata and Effect:
Produced at all levels
Predominantly Igneous/Yuan

Additional information

Weight0.00625 lbs
Dimensions0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 in
Iron Rose Qua…shed Free Form

Large 1lb 10.1oz – 1lb 15oz, Medium 1lb 5oz – 1lb 10oz, Small 1lb – 1lb 4.9oz, X-Large 1lb 15.1oz – 2lb 5oz, X-Small 10 -15.9oz