Amethyst Lamp with Phenakite and Indigo Gabbro

Amethyst Lamp with Phenakite and Indigo Gabbro


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Amethyst Lamp with Phenakite ( alt spelling Phenacite ) and Indigo Gabbro


Amethyst Lamp with Phenakite and Indigo Gabbro

In (Part 3 of) the Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress online class we introduced the use of Light as a Broadcaster of beneficial stone vibrations. With the importance of Amethyst for clarifying the energy in the head and clear thinking processes — essential for making correct rather than disastrous choices in times of great stress — we looked for a light source we could use with Amethyst to project it in the areas where people spend time, including at their desks etc.

We found a source of Amethyst lamps (spherical lamps with small pieces of Amethyst all over the surface) which we made a series of special modifications to for maximum beneficial energetic impact on the people in the space with the lamp. The Amethyst pieces on the Spherical Lamp illuminate with light when the lamp is operating.

When this lamp is turned on, it broadcasts vibrations which test with Vibrational Radiesthesia as being extremely empowering, strengthening, and clarifying for multiple locations in the human head, body, and overall energetic field.

Here are the special modifications we made to each of the Amethyst lamps:


It is common when items are manufactured that there are certain processes and chemicals used in the process which leave detrimental vibrational imprints. If these imprints are not corrected, they would in this case be broadcast out from the lamp. After extensive testing and experimentation, we applied a multi-stage vibrational clearing and imprinting process of our own invention to neutralize and transmute these issues.


These Amethyst lamps have USB cords to power them, which can be connected either to a computer or to any USB plugin (such as the adapters used to plug a USB into a wall outlet).

As with any electronic device, the electrical power on the cord generates a highly detrimental vibration (which the French Radiesthesiasts call the “Vertical Wave of the Negative Green Band”) that must be corrected on any device used for broadcasting beneficial vibrations. The stone Indigo Gabbro is the perfect stone to use for this vibrational correction.

Normally we would use small piece of Indigo Gabbro (like a slab or a cabochon) attached to the power cord (or on the body of the device next to where the power cord enters), however in this case we had just been able to purchase a number of Indigo Gabbro stretch bracelets. These fit over the sphere of Amethyst comprising the surface of the lamp, resting at the base of the Amethyst sphere and on top of the wooden base holding the electronics. These bracelets do an excellent job of correcting these electronics and also increase the beneficial vibrational information from the lamp broadcast, since Indigo Gabbro is itself a powerful Adaptogenic stone.


We found as mentioned that this Lamp creates an excellent broadcast of vibrations from the Amethyst after the corrections described above. We then wanted to increase the clarity and awakened mind/energy field vibration even further.

After much experimentation, we found that the energetics of the Lamp reached profound heights once we added several pieces of high-quality Burmese Phenakite to the Amethyst sphere

We tested and found a non-toxic adhesive to attach the Phenakite pieces to the sphere, where they can nest between pieces of Amethyst.

The addition of the Phenakite adds a profound “illumination” to the energetic effects of the Amethyst lamp, a true expansion and clarification of consciousness into deeper realms. We now use this lamp at our desks, during meditation, at meetings, and throughout the day.

It simply has to be plugged in and put in the area where you want to experience these effects.

Modifying these Lamps to attain the vibrational effects we were looking for was a very time-consuming process. Because of the intensive work that goes into our creating this lamp, and the rare materials involved (especially high-quality Burmese Phenakite), this Lamp is likely to be only available for a short time.

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