Black Tourmaline High Quality from Erongo, Namibia

Black Tourmaline High Quality from Erongo, Namibia


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Bag is comprised of multiple stone that will fall in the range advertised.  Stones vary slightly in color and shape from piece to piece.

Tourmaline, Black, High Quality, Erongo, Namibia, bags, Extra-Small 11-19 grams

Black Tourmaline is one of the most important stones in vibrational healing work, a mainstay of Daoist stone healing methods. It is used to activate strong energy clearing of the body, to assist in pulling toxicity from deep layers out to the surface; and is used by many other traditions for energetic protection. Daoists often use it to make stone elixirs, in addition to using it on the body.

Most of the Black Tourmaline sold today is very low quality, which you will see has ridges which flake off when you touch it. This shows that these common Black Tourmaline specimens are energetically not fully “cooked”, they have not completed their alchemical process of creation within the Earth.

This Black Tourmaline from Erongo Namibia is known to Tourmaline healing specialists as the best Black Tourmaline in the world. It is fully “cooked” and alchemically far more advanced than ordinary Black Tourmaline. It has clear geometric faceting and is very solid compared to the flaky Black Tourmaline found on the market today. This is the only type of Black Tourmaline which we use in our stone elixirs and for advanced energy balancing purposes.

This high quality Black Tourmaline from Namibia has in the last couple of years become much harder to find and with greatly increased prices, so supply in the future is uncertain.

Some pieces still have their rocky matrix attached to them, from where they grew in the ground.

Color / features:
Opaque striated terminated crystals that often have shiny areas

Used in stone layouts, placed on body, worn as jewelry, drink infused water, given as an elixir

Master detox stone, promotes the ability to expels internal or external pathogenic factors to the exterior; breaks up and draws out accumulation of stagnation; used as energetic protection; more regulating than cleaning; lowers viral load

Five Elements Affinity:

Organ / Body Affinity:
Works with both the kidneys and the lungs to release to the exterior

Meridian Affinity:
Kidney-Bladder Divergent Meridian
Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry
Often appears in a hexagonal crystal

Chemical Composition:
Sodium iron aluminum borosilicate hydroxide
Can contain traces of magnesium, potassium, or calcium

Level of Formation / Strata and Effect:

As an elixir, use only short term
Do not use with Triple Heater or Lung Divergent Meridians
Contraindicated for people who do not sweat easily, cannot lose weight, or have no coating on the tongue (indicative of deficient fluids)
Very strong and can cause a healing crisis

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