Aventurine Green Faceted Bracelets

Aventurine Green Faceted Bracelets


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Aventurine Green Faceted Bracelets



Aventurine Green Faceted Bracelets

Attributes of this stone are based on Daoist Stone Medicine and our own Vibrational Research.

Color / features:
Varying shades of green
Usually with small, sparkling inclusions of mica

Worn on the body, placed on key energy centers during treatments, placed in the living environment, use as an elixir, use in massage

Appropriate for any kind of physical illness or pain, detoxifying

Five Elements Affinity:

Organ / Body Affinity:
Liver, Gall Bladder

Meridian Affinity:

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry:

Chemical Composition:
Silica dioxide plus inclusions of chromium-bearing muscovite mica

Level of Formation / Strata and Effect:

Contraindicated with medications, drugs, or chemotherapy.
Chelates drugs from the body
Use caution in cases of constipation, or anytime the person has difficulty eliminating, such as with an inability to sweat or expectorate

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