Rare Phenakite, Faceted Tip, Good Quality from Burma

Rare Phenakite, Faceted Tip, Good Quality from Burma


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Rare Phenakite, Faceted Tip, Good Quality from Burma

These are the rare authentic Burmese Phenakite with at least 90% intact naturally terminated tips on their pillar body (pillar bodies are broken of course at certain points near the root, to extract them from their matrix).  Most pieces of good Burmese Phenakite today are small fragmented pieces without terminations, these natural faceted pieces are hard to find and excellent for full Phenakite vibrational power.
Note that Phenakite has an extremely shallow angle of the termination at the tip!
It is only slightly raised from a flat surface at the tip, very different from the very sharp angle terminations of Quartz and other stones.  (We find in our energetic testing that this very shallow angle helps the Phenakite to bring the Divine Plane energy into manifestation towards the Etheric and Physical levels.)
Good: Translucent, more milky and with inclusions, occasional brownish tones.
Better: Higher grade, mostly transparent with inclusions and occasional light brown tones.
Best: Very High Grade, brighter with over 90% transparent with very few small inclusions and no brownish tone to the naked eye.

Color / features:
White, yellow, pink to rose, brown, red, and colorless

Facilitates deep meditation; excellent for healing; stone for gathering healing energies from other stones and facilitating the effectiveness of healing; produces an expedient, cleansing, and activating effect for any chakra; provides purification to the total body structure, energy centers, and energy pathways

Crystal Structure / Sacred Geometry:
Granular aggregates
Radial fibrous spherical structures
Rhombohedral crystals
Prismatic slender wands

Chemical Composition:

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Phenakite Faceted Size:

Medium 10.1 – 15ct, Large 15.1 – 20ct, X-Large 20.1 – 25ct, 2X-Large 25.1 – 30 ct, 3X-Large 30.1 – 35 ct, 4X-Large 35.1 – 40 ct, 5X-Large 40.1 – 45 ct, 6X-Large 45.1 – 50 ct, 7X-Large 50.1 – 55 ct