High quality Moonstone literally looks luminescent, like the Moon. Moonstone should glow brightly with reflected light, just as the Moon glows from the light of the Sun.
Unfortunately, much of what is sold today as Moonstone is dull, with little or no luminescent glow. Although this lower quality Moonstone still has its uses, it cannot compare to the power of a naturally highly luminous Moonstone.

We are delighted to have been able to acquire a small number of extremely high quality Moonstone pendants. Our own Dr. Robert J. Gilbert called this the “most beautiful and highest quality Moonstone I have ever seen” with it testing the strongest of any Moonstone evaluated in our Radiesthesia testing.

Like the Moon, Moonstone is both nourishing and tonifying to the human energy body.

Moonstone is one of the most famous classical stones. It was known to ancient traditions as a stone which carried the powers of the Moon itself within its matrix. This includes powers of vitality; healing and nourishment; inner awakening of the soul; sexuality; and the formative power of the divine feminine.

Insights into Moonstone from Daoist Stone Medicine (DSM):

• Moon stone in the system of Five Elements is seen as having a ‘sweet taste’ which indicates it can be nourishing and tonifying to the energy body.
• Moonstone generates fluids and builds Yin.
• Moonstone has a Triclinic crystal structure which supports harmonizing and regulating Chi.
• This stone is also used in DSM for poor memory issues, childhood issues and past-life regression work.
• Used for Chronic conditions that need support by activating Nourishing /Ying Chi. Moonstone is also used short term for acute conditions in DSM.
• Although Moonstone has healing powers for both men and women, the stone has particular importance for women, It is used in DSM for everything related to regulating the female hormonal system, including menopausal anxiety, painful periods, night sweats, and hot flashes.
• High quality luminescent Moonstone combines major consciousness activating powers along with its core vibrations which assist physical issues. Moonstones without the luminescence are generally used for more physically related issues.
• Pink Moonstone is considered linked to a gentle female form of the Fire element, including the Heart, soul functions of the Heart, and the Heart Meridian..
• Blue Moonstone is considered linked to the water element, and to the sexual Jing energy of the Kidneys.
• Green Moonstone is considered linked to the Wood element of dynamic growth, and to the power of the Liver and the Liver Meridian.